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Mainstreaming TSMO

When Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) is mainstreamed within transportation agencies, it moves beyond being the responsibility of a set of champions to become a core program and set of strategies that are integrated throughout transportation agencies. Mainstreaming TSMO engages staff from planning, design, operations, and other agency units so that TSMO is viewed as a core business function and TSMO strategies are readily understood and routinely considered in addressing State or regional transportation needs.

Some examples of mainstreaming include communicating about the benefits of TSMO solutions, building support for TSMO from a variety of stakeholder groups, developing TSMO programs within State Departments of Transportation (DOTs), integrating TSMO into standard processes and manuals with all disciplines across the project lifecycle, and establishing a culture of data-driven operations within agencies.


An infographic provides examples of how TSMO can be integrated across a transportation agency.

  • Mainstreaming TSMO: Examples of Integrating TSMO Across a Transportation Agency (HTML, PDF)


Two brochures highlight aspects of mainstreaming TSMO with respect to agency culture and communicating the advantages of TSMO through a TSMO business case.

  • Mainstreaming TSMO through Agency Culture (HTML, PDF)
  • Mainstreaming TSMO through a Business Case (HTML, PDF)

Case Studies

Five case studies examine experiences from several State DOTs on how they communicated and collaborated with key stakeholders to advance operations practice and mainstream TSMO.

  • Mainstreaming TSMO: Experiences from Iowa and Washington State (HTML, PDF)
  • Mainstreaming TSMO throughout the Project Lifecycle Phases (HTML, PDF)
  • Communication Strategies for Mainstreaming TSMO (HTML, PDF)
  • Mainstreaming TSMO through Collaboration with Information Technology: Experiences from Pennsylvania (HTML, PDF)
  • Mainstreaming TSMO: Making the Business Case (HTML, PDF)

White Papers

Four white papers describe aspects of mainstreaming TSMO in detail and how they can help agencies develop and strengthen their TSMO programs.

  • Policies and Processes that Support Mainstreaming Transportation Systems Management and Operations (HTML, PDF)
  • Role of Agency Culture in Mainstreaming TSMO (HTML, PDF)
  • Use of Decisionmaking and Information Management Systems in Mainstreaming TSMO (HTML, PDF)
  • The Value of a Business Case in Mainstreaming TSMO (HTML, PDF)