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Policies and Processes that Support Mainstreaming Transportation Systems Management and Operations

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March 2023


Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
Objectives of the White Paper
Intended Audience
Why Mainstream TSMO?
2. Why Policies and Processes are Important to Mainstreaming TSMO
3. Primary Themes from Literature Review and Interviews 5
Theme 1. Develop TSMO Committees
Theme 2. Incorporate TSMO into Planning and Project Development
Theme 3. Include TSMO in Agency Manuals and Guidance Documents
Theme 4. Integrate TSMO in Business Practices
Theme 5. Develop TSMO-Focused Organizational Structure and Staff Positions
Theme 6. Integrate TSMO into Agency-Wide Performance Management
4. Gaps and Opportunities
Planning and Programming
Data Management
Contracting and Procurement
Emerging Technology
Asset Management
TSMO Integration with Other Modes, Jurisdictions, and Decision Support Processes
5. Key Takeaways

List of Figures

Figure 1. Six primary theme areas for mainstreaming transportation systems management and operations with policies and processes emerged from the research for this White Paper
Figure 2. Arizona Department of Transportation organizational structure with the Transportation System Management and Operations Division circled
Figure 3. Organizational structure for the Arizona Department of Transportation Transportation System Management and Operations Division..
Figure 4. Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration Transportation System Management and Operations organizational structure.
Figure 5. Illustration of how TSMO is integrated into Iowa Department of Transportation’s planning and programming

List of Tables

Table 1. Examples of TSMO Committee processes for mainstreaming TSMO.
Table 2. Examples of policies and processes for mainstreaming TSMO in planning and project development.
Table 3. Examples of integrating TSMO policies and processes into agency manuals and guides.
Table 4. Examples of integrating TSMO policies and processes into agency business practices.
Table 5. Examples of TSMO-focused organizational structure and staff positions to mainstream TSMO.
Table 6. Examples of integrating TSMO into agency performance management processes.