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Use of Decisionmaking and Information Management Systems in Mainstreaming TSMO

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March 2023


Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
Intended Audience
Why Mainstream TSMO?
2. Decision Support Systems and Mainstreaming TSMO
Decision Support Systems
Transportation Agency Uses of Decision Support Systems
Use of Decision Support Systems for Integrated Corridor Management
Use of Data and Decision Support Tools for Active Transportation and Demand Management
3. Information Management Systems and Mainstreaming TSMO
General Approaches
Transportation Agency Uses of Information Management Systems and Big Data
4. Considerations for Mainstreaming TSMO
Factors and Biases Affecting Decisionmaking
Observations in Using Information Management Systems and Decision Support Systems for Mainstreaming TSMO
5. References

List of Tables

Table 1. Sample decision support tools to support mainstreaming TSMO.
Table 2. Examples of ICM Implementation.
Table 3. Use of ATDM in Three States
Table 4. Examples of Agency Use of Information Management Systems and Big Data.
Table 5. Examples of TSMO and Asset Management Systems

List of Figures

Figure 1. Diagram. Operations and management classifications of information systems.