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Case Studies and Examples

TSMO Overall

  • TSMO Benefits at a Glance (HTMLPDF) - Infographic showing five State DOT examples of benefits they have identified from implementing TSMO strategies.
  • TSMO Program Plans - HTML of examples from State and regional agencies.
  • TSMO - Harnessing the Value of Transportation System Performance (PPTX , PDF) - State-level examples of measurable benefits of TSMO strategies. Slides can be used by States or regions to highlight effective operations in their own presentations and outreach.
  • Applying TSMO to Rural Areas (HTML, PDF) - Report includes 10 case studies in rural areas for road weather management, traffic incident management, work zone management, planned special events, and seasonal demand.
  • TSMO in Action (HTML, PDF) - Overview of TSMO strategies with deployment examples for freeway and arterial management, traffic incidents, road weather conditions, and others.

Planning for TSMO

  • Case Studies of the Congestion Management Process (HTML) - This series of case studies is a companion to the guidebook and focuses on the Congestion Management Process (CMP) at several metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).
  • The How: Case Studies Advancing Planning for Operations - Best Practices Illustrating the benefits of Planning for Operations. The case studies below are some of the examples of where this is being done.
    • Capital District Transportation Committee Albany, New York (HTMLPDF)
    • Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Philadelphia Region (HTMLPDF
    • The Denver Region Traffic Signal System Improvement Program (HTMLPDF)
    • Metropolitan Transportation Commission San Francisco Bay Area (HTMLPDF
    • Pima Association of Governments (HTMLPDF
    • Wilmington Area Planning Council Delaware / Maryland (HTMLPDF
  • Developing Decisionmaker Support for Management and Operations at MetroPlan Orlando (PDF)
  • Outcomes-Based, Performance-Driven Planning at Metro Portland  (PDF)
  • The Use of an Objectives-Driven, Performance-Based Approach at the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (PDF)
  • Programming for Operations: MPO Examples of Prioritizing and Funding TSMO Strategies (PDF) - MPO Examples of Prioritizing and Funding Transportation Systems Management & Operations Strategies.

Organizing for TSMO and Mainstreaming TSMO

  • Organizing for TSMO Case Studies - Set of 12 case studies that provide examples of common challenges and best practices for supporting organizational aspects for TSMO. See case Studies section on Organizing for Operations page.
  • Advancing Organizational Structures for TSMO Full Report (PDF) – See Case Studies in Chapter 5 (PDF)
  • Mainstreaming TSMO Case Studies - Five case studies from several State DOTs on how they communicated and collaborated with key stakeholders to mainstream TSMO.
    • Mainstreaming TSMO: Experiences from Iowa and Washington State (HTMLPDF)
    • Mainstreaming TSMO throughout the Project Lifecycle Phases (HTMLPDF)
    • Communication Strategies for Mainstreaming TSMO (HTMLPDF)
    • Mainstreaming TSMO through Collaboration with Information Technology: Experiences from Pennsylvania (HTMLPDF)
    • Mainstreaming TSMO: Making the Business Case (HTMLPDF)
  • Connecting TSMO and Safety Case Studies - Illustrate how State DOT’s and MPOs from three states are integrating and coordinating Safety and TSMO programs: Arizona (PDF), Florida (PDF), Ohio (PDF)
  • Case Studies on the Implementation of SHRP2 Reliability Data and Analysis Tools (HTML) - Case studies from State Departments of Transportation that implemented reliability data and analysis tools developed under the second Strategic Highway Research Program.