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Benefit-Cost Analysis

Benefit-cost analysis is a systematic process for calculating and comparing benefits and costs of a project to 1) determine if it is a sound investment and 2) see how it compares with alternate projects. Benefit-cost analysis determines the value of a project by dividing the incremental monetized benefits related to a project by the incremental costs of that project. In the objectives-driven, performance-based approach to planning for operations, benefit-cost analysis can be used to screen and identify management and operations (M&O) projects or strategies that meet operations objectives. It can also be used to support inclusion and prioritization of M&O strategies in the transportation plan and metropolitan/State transportation improvement program (S/TIP). Finally, benefit-cost analysis can support monitoring and feedback needs within the planning cycle by allowing for the assessment of deployed strategies.


  • Road Weather Benefit Cost Analysis Compendium (HTML, PDF 3.4MB)
  • Transportation Systems Management and Operations Benefit-Cost Analysis Compendium (HTML, PDF 4MB)
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  • FHWA Operations Benefit/Cost analysis Desk Reference Flyers:
    • Real-World Examples of Operations Benefit Cost Analysis (HTML, PDF 610KB)
    • Conducting Benefit/Cost Analysis of Strategies Impacting Non-Typical Traffic Conditions (HTML, PDF 244KB)
    • Providing Guidance to Practitioners in the Analysis of Benefits and Costs of Management and Operations Projects (HTML, PDF 1.1MB)
    • Road Weather Management: Benefit Cost Analysis of Road Weather Connected Vehicle Applications (HTML, PDF 300KB)
    • Road Weather Management: Principles and Examples of Benefit-Cost Analysis for Road Weather Management (HTML, PDF 273KB)
    • Road Weather Management: Conducting Benefit Cost Analysis of Road Weather Management Strategies (HTML, PDF 399KB)
    • Fundamentals of Benefit-Cost Analysis for Transportation Systems Management and Operations (HTML, PDF 253KB)
    • Providing Case Studies for Practitioners in the Use of Benefit-Cost Analysis for Management and Operations Projects and Strategies (HTML, PDF 261KB)
    • Use of Archived Operations Data in Planning and Benefit Cost Analysis (HTML, PDF196KB)
  • U.S. DOT ITS Knowledge Resources Benefits and Costs Database
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