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Coordination of Safety and TSMO


Two brochures were developed to show the opportunities for coordinating and integrating operations and safety. One brochure describes ways of connecting operations and safety through programs and the other brochure discusses how operations strategies can improve safety performance.

Case Studies

Three case studies examine the ways in which operations and planning are being linked through organizational structures, data, planning, analysis, funding, and project development process at State DOT's and MPO's. Examples are shared from Florida, Arizona, and Ohio.

Fact Sheet

Enhancing Transportation: Connecting TSMO and Safety Fact Sheet discusses inherent linkages between TSMO and safety and highlights some examples of agencies applying TSMO strategies for safety.


Connecting TSMO Presentation provides a framework that TSMO practitioners can use to discuss points of connection between TSMO and safety with their safety colleagues.


Improving Integration and Coordination of TSMO and Safety Programs Webinar, conducted through the National Operations Center of Excellence, explores existing practices and opportunities for coordinating operations and safety programs, projects, and plans within transportation agencies.

Additional Resources for Supporting Safety Through TSMO

Safety Analysis Needs for TSMO. This report documents safety performance evaluation needs, priorities, and methodologies for TSMO in general and for specific TSMO strategies.

The Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). Many safety-focused TSMO improvements are eligible for HSIP funding. This webpage provides background information on all aspects of HSIP including how the program relates to the Safe System Approach.