Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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Informational Materials

This page includes articles, conference presentations, and recordings and presentations from webinars on Rule-related topics. They provide an overview of the Rule, information on what FHWA is doing to support Rule implementation, and what some States are doing that fits in with the Rule. Please contact the authors/presenters directly if you have questions or comments regarding the materials.



  • 2008 Regional Workshops Presentations – Given at the Regional Workshops on the Rule, held via webinar in 2008
    • Rule State of the Practice Overview (HTML, PPT 459KB)
    • Montana DOT Transportation Management Plans (TMPs) (HTML, PPT 173KB)
    • Michigan DOT TMPs (HTML, PPT 104KB)
    • Work Zone Data in Ohio (HTML, PPT 1.1MB)
    • Oregon's Work Zone Traffic Analysis Program (HTML, PPT 7.3MB)
  • Implementation of Transportation Management Plans (HTML, PPT 4.6MB) – Given at the AASHTO Design Meeting in July 2008 and oriented toward the role that designers play in developing TMPs, it covers the basics of TMP development, a summary of the state of the practice of TMP development and implementation across the country, and a list of TMP development resources.
  • Regional Workshops Detailed Presentation: Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule (HTML, PPT 3.1MB) – Given at the Regional Workshops on the WZ Rule that were held around the country in 2006.
  • Work Zone Safety and Mobility Final Rule (PDF 523KB) – Given at the American Road and Transportation Builders Association 2004 National Work Zone Conference.


Data Needs, Availability, and Opportunities for Work Zone Performance Measures – Held on March 19, 2013

  • Recording
  • Transcript (HTML, PDF 112KB)
  • Presentation, by Jawad Paracha, FHWA; Gerald Ullman and Geza Pesti, Texas A&M Transportation Institute; and Rachel Klein, Battelle (HTML, PDF 4.4MB)

Work Zone Project Coordination – Held on September 24, 2012

  • Recording
  • Transcript (HTML, PDF 101KB)
  • Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition Presentation, by Bobbi Welke, Michigan DOT and Peter Rafferty, University of Wisconsin Madison (HTML, PDF 3.3MB)
  • New York City Presentation, by John Speroni, New York City DOT (HTML, PDF 650KB)
  • Oregon Presentation, by Tony Coleman, Oregon DOT (HTML, PDF 4.6MB)

Work Zone Fatality Reduction Strategies – Held on May 23, 2012

  • Recording
  • Transcript (HTML, PDF 110KB)
  • Introduction Presentation, by Tracy Scriba, FHWA (HTML, PDF 476KB)
  • California Presentation, by Joe Jeffrey, Road-Tech Safety Services (HTML, PDF 467KB)
  • Florida Presentation, by Stefanie Maxwell, Florida DOT (HTML, PDF 3.2MB)
  • North Carolina Presentation, by Steve Kite, North Carolina DOT (HTML, PDF 319KB)

Work Zone Training Programs – Held on February 1, 2012

  • Recording
  • Transcript (HTML, PDF 135KB)
  • Introduction Presentation, by Tracy Scriba, FHWA (HTML, PDF 927KB)
  • New Hampshire Law Enforcement Training, by Marty Calawa, FHWA New Hampshire Division Office (HTML, PDF 1.1MB)
  • Virginia Work Zone Traffic Control Training, by David Rush, Virginia DOT (HTML, PDF 764KB)
  • Louisiana Work Zone Training, by Barry Lacy, Louisiana DOTD (HTML, PDF 7.8MB)
  • Louisiana Law Enforcement Training, by Ron Whittaker, Louisiana DOTD (HTML, PDF 319KB)

Road User Cost Analysis for Work Zone Applications – Held on November 15, 2011

  • Recording
  • Transcript (HTML, PDF 219KB)
  • Presentation, by Jawad Paracha, FHWA and Jag Mallela, ARA, Inc (HTML, PDF 2.3MB)

Work Zone Process Reviews – Held on October 31, 2011

  • Recording
  • Transcript (HTML, PDF 203KB)
  • Introduction Presentation, by Tracy Scriba, FHWA (HTML, PDF 302KB)
  • Iowa Presentation, by Jerry Roche, FHWA Iowa Division and Dan Sprengeler, Iowa DOT (HTML, PDF 299KB)
  • Colorado Presentation, by Dahir Egal, FHWA Colorado Division; K.C. Matthews, Colorado DOT; and San Lee, Colorado DOT (HTML, PDF 150KB)
  • Louisiana Presentation, by Betsey Tramonte, FHWA Louisiana Division and Barry Lacy, Louisiana DOTD (HTML, PDF 340KB)

Developing Successful TMPs – Held on May 3, 2011

  • Recording
  • Transcript (HTML, DOCX 56KB)
  • Michigan Presentation, by Angie Kremer, Michigan DOT – Focuses on TMP review and monitoring processes (HTML, PDF 1MB)
  • Rhode Island Presentation, by Russell Holt, Rhode Island DOT – Focuses on the development and usage of TMP templates (HTML, PDF 1.3MB)
  • Wisconsin Presentation, by Tom Notbohm, Wisconsin DOT – Focuses on WisDOT safety-related TMP strategies (HTML, PDF 3.1MB)

Work Zone Rule Implementation: What are States Doing to Implement the Rule? – Held on March 19, 2007

Implementing the Rule on Work Zone Safety and Mobility – Held October 26 and November 1, 2005.

Presents a brief overview of the Rule and a high level summary of the Rule Implementation Guide. It also covers a number of topics related to implementing the Rule.

  • Recording (12.4MB) – Viewing this file requires the WebEx plug-in.
  • Presentation, by Tracy Scriba, FHWA (HTML, PPT 3.1MB)

Reducing Congestion: Good Work Zone Management Strategies that Can Help – Held February 17, 2005

  • Chat Transcript from Web Cast
  • Transportation Management Plans - Managing Congestion in Work Zones, by Jacqueline Ghezzi, Caltrans (PPT 4.72MB)
    • Caltrans Transportation Management Plan Resources and Examples