Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

Work Zone Traffic Control for Law Enforcement Personnel

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Work Zone Traffic Control for Law Enforcement Personnel

Ron Whittaker
DOTD, Highway Safety Law Enforcement Expert
Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development

Photo of an orange and white striped traffic cone with a mounted warning light.

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Why We Developed the Updated Course

Photo of a car crashed into a bent Road Work Ahead warning sign.   Photo of a car crashed into the front of a truck.

Photo of a crashed car flipped onto its roof.   Photo of a crashed car with the driver's door torn off.

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Updated WZ Safety Course Emphasis Areas

  • Where the Police Unit Should Be Located and WHY
  • Exactly What the Police Officer's Duties and Responsibilities Are When Working in a Work Zone

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Key Issues

  • Critical Safety Point
    • ¼ Mile Prior to the Queue
  • How a Work Zone Should be set up and WHY
    • Drive through the WZ prior to detail
  • Safety Issues
    • YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, as a Police Officer
    • Chain of Command to Resolve Safety Issues

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Car Location With Speed and/or Lane Reduction

Drawing of a work zone.

The Red Arrow shows the typical location of a police officer in the Advance Warning area of the Work Zone, when there is no queue.

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Car Location With a Queue (Traffic Backup)

Drawing of two work zones showing traffic queues in advance of Road Work warning signs.

The Red Arrows show the typical location of a police officer when there IS a queue and traffic has backed up past the warning signs.

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Aspects of Training

  • Risk Management Principle
    • "If it is predictable, it is preventable"
  • Concentrate on Where the Problem Really Is
    • Critical Safety Point
  • Consider Hiring a Police Officer/Retired Police Officer for Training

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Are WZ Crashes Underreported?

  • Probably
  • Louisiana Crash Report Manual
    • …"where the first harmful event occurs within the boundaries of the work zone."
    • "Crashes involving vehicles slowed or stopped because of the work zone should not be included unless the vehicles had actually entered the work zone when the first harmful event occurred."

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Thank You!

Ron Whittaker
LaDOTD Highway Safety Section
PH# 985-969-3117

Graphic of an End Detour warning sign.   Graphic of an End Road Work warning sign.

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