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Urban Congestion Reports

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UCR Quarterly Report Update
The Urban Congestion Report program is currently starting a new contract. This will cause a delay in producing 2020 reports and measures. The first 3 calendar year 2020 quarterly reports should be available in early November 2020.

The Urban Congestion Report (UCR) is produced on a quarterly basis and characterizes the most recent traffic congestion and reliability trends at the national and city level. Each quarterly UCR compares data from the most recent three months to the same three months in the previous year. Since mid-2013, the reports utilize vehicle probe-based travel time data from FHWA's National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS). The reports currently include data from 52 urban areas in the U.S. The production of these reports is performed by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute for the FHWA. The UCR measures are weighted by vehicles using 2013 Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) traffic volumes.

Quarterly reports beginning in Fiscal Year 2017 - 2019 can be found below:

  • UCR July - September 2019 (HTML, PDF 341KB)
  • UCR April - June 2019 (HTML, PDF 383KB)
  • UCR January - March 2019 (HTML, PDF 377KB)
  • UCR October - December 2018 (HTML, PDF 383KB)
  • UCR July - September 2018 (HTML, PDF 377KB)
  • UCR April - June 2018 (HTML, PDF 368KB)
  • UCR January - March 2018 (HTML, PDF 339KB)
  • UCR October - December 2017 (HTML, PDF 386KB)
  • UCR July - September 2017 (HTML, PDF 994KB)
  • UCR April - June 2017 (HTML, PDF 361KB)
  • UCR January - March 2017 (HTML, PDF 982KB)

Quarterly reports beginning in Fiscal Year 2015 (October - December 2014) can be found below:

  • UCR October - December 2016 (HTML, PDF 765KB)
  • UCR July - September 2016 (HTML, PDF 355KB)
  • UCR April - June 2016 (HTML, PDF 992KB)
  • UCR January - March 2016 (HTML, PDF 797KB)
  • UCR October - December 2015 (HTML, PDF 350KB)
  • UCR July - September 2015 (HTML, PDF 425KB)
  • UCR April - June 2015 (HTML, PDF 414KB)
  • UCR January - March 2015 (HTML, PDF 397KB)
  • UCR October - December 2014 (HTML, PDF 611KB)

** Note: These PREVIOUS VERSIONS used 2010 HPMS traffic volumes, which was the most recently available conflated data at the time of production.

  • UCR July - September 2015 (HTML, PDF 373KB)
  • UCR April - June 2015 (HTML, PDF 404KB)
  • UCR January - March 2015 (HTML, PDF 385KB)
  • UCR October - December 2014 (HTML, PDF 603KB)

There was a gap in UCR production from 2013 through late 2014. However, the NPMRDS was used to calculate the UCR measures during this production gap. Contact Rich Taylor (rich.taylor@dot.gov) for access to these results.

The older version of the UCR, which included between 18-22 urban areas (depending on data availability) using archived detector data, are available below (covering October 2008-March 2013).

  • UCR January - March 2013 (HTML, PDF 349KB)
  • UCR October - December 2012 (HTML, PDF 349KB)
  • UCR July - September 2012 (HTML, PDF 335KB)
  • UCR April - June 2012 (HTML, PDF 358KB)
  • UCR January - March 2012 (HTML, PDF 463KB)
  • UCR October - December 2011 (HTML, PDF 459KB)
  • UCR July - September 2011 (HTML, PDF 230KB)
  • UCR April - June 2011 (HTML, PDF 227KB)
  • UCR January - March 2011 (HTML, PDF 350KB)
  • UCR October - December 2010 (HTML, PDF 212KB)
  • UCR July - September 2010 (HTML, PDF 171KB)
  • UCR April - June 2010 (HTML, PDF 205KB)
  • UCR January - March 2010 (HTML, PDF 205KB)
  • UCR October - December 2009 (HTML, PDF 190KB)
  • UCR July - September 2009 (HTML, PDF 113KB)
  • UCR April - June 2009 (HTML, PDF 113KB)
  • UCR January - March 2009 (HTML, PDF 113KB)
  • UCR October - December 2008 (HTML, PDF 113KB)

More details on how the Urban Congestion Report performance measures are developed can be found by reading the documentation and definitions. Also, A more detailed description of UCR calculation procedures was provided in a February 5, 2015 FHWA webinar.

PDF files can be viewed with the Acrobat® Reader®.

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