Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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FHWA Office of Operations Peer Exchange Workshop
Accelerated Road Works for Work Zone Safety and Mobility

A peer exchange workshop on Accelerated Road Work for Work Zone Safety and Mobility was held on June 5-6, 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

Workshop Purpose

Accelerated road work ("Get-in, Get-out, Stay-out") can result in a significant reduction in work zone safety and mobility impacts. This requires the use of several strategies, independently or in combination, during project planning, design, contracting, and implementation.

The purpose of the peer exchange workshop was to bring together representatives of State Departments of Transportation in the operations discipline to discuss concepts, tools, and case studies in the areas of accelerated bridge and pavement construction, performance contracting and accelerated schedules, planning and analysis tools, road closures, maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) plans and traffic impact mitigation strategies, benefits, and lesson learned.

Goals of the Workshop

  1. Technology transfer and advancing the use of accelerated road work concepts and tools
  2. Understand the role of accelerated road work in improving work zone safety and mobility
  3. Gather input from practitioners on common challenges and lessons learned in the use of accelerated road work for work zone safety and mobility
  4. Share experiences and ideas in the form of case study presentations
Agenda Topic Speakers
Accelerated Construction Techniques (ABC and PCPS) (HTML, PDF 3.5MB) Jag Mallela, ARA
Work Zone Road User Cost Calculation Guidance (HTML, PDF 518KB) Suri Sadasivam, ARA
Accelerated Bridge & Roadway Construction Case Studies
MassDOT 93 Fast14 Project Overview, Lessons Learned, Program Direction & Economic Analysis (HTML, PDF 16.6MB) Neil Boudreau, MassDOT
Iowa DOT ABC Program Overview, Lessons Learned, Program Direction (HTML, PDF 14.7MB) Ahmad Abu-Hawash, IDOT
Economic Analysis of Council Bluffs and Keg Creek ABC Projects (HTML, PDF 479KB) Suri Sadasivam, ARA
Virginia Demonstration Project: Rapid Removal and Replacement of U.S. 15/29 Bridge Over Broad Run Near Gainesville, VA (HTML, PDF 1.5MB) Nick Roper, VDOT
Overview of ABC Alternative Selection Decision Tool and Validation – Oregon-Led Pool Funded Study (HTML, PDF 1.3MB) Ben Tang, Oregon DOT
CA4PRS and Accelerated Road Work (HTML, PDF 3.2MB) Chang Mo Kim, UC Davis
Accelerating Delivery through Innovative Contracting/Scheduling/Staging
I-15 Precast Pavement Project, Ontario, CA (HTML, PDF 2.7MB) Jag Mallela, ARA
Carmageddon: I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project (HTML, PDF 5.7MB) Michael Barbour, LA Metro
Michigan M 15: Performance Contracting Overview and MDOT Direction (HTML, PDF 8.4MB) Jack Hofweber, Michigan DOT
Minnesota STH 36 Full Road Closure (HTML, PDF 3.6MB) Steve Kordosky, MN DOT

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