Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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The author contact information was accurate at the time of the workshops and may no longer be current information.

Author Contact Information Title Abstract/Paper Presentation
Michele Ackles 302-760-2080
Trip Planning: More than Just Road Signs empty cell HTML | PPT
Stuart Anderson 979-845-2407
Concepts for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Traffic Control Plans HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Todd Belobraydich 630-969-0050 x11
Reducing Exposure of Short-Term Utility Work Zones through Effective Safety Planning HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Robert Bosler 530-752-7946
Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Research Center empty cell HTML | PPT
Paul Cammack 402-471-1808
Year-Round Nebraska Traveler Information empty cell HTML | PPT
Robert Copp 916-654-6912
Transportation Management Plans: Effectiveness Study HTML | PPT HTML | PPT
Peter Costello 703-471-7275 x232
511 Services "Hit the Road" empty cell HTMLPPT
Benjamin Cottrell 434-293-1932
Assessment of Advance Warning Signs for Flagging Operations HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Kevin A. Duffy 617-342-1131
Traffic Incident Management at the Big Dig empty cell HTML | PPT
Tahira Faquir 954-777-4370
Safer Work Zones Through ITS empty cell HTML | PPT
Melisa Finley 979-845-7596
Sequential Warning Light System for Work Zone Lane Closures empty cell HTML | PPT
Michael Fontaine 434-293-1909
Innovative Traffic Control Devices to Improve Safety at Rural Short-Term Maintenance Work Zones HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Eric Gabler 202-366-4036
Economic Analysis: Applications to Work Zones empty cell HTML | PPT
Steven Gayle Making Work Zones Work Better By Linking Planning and Operations empty cell HTML | PPT
Alan Hansen 602-379-6856
Work Zone Operational Enhancements Integrating ITS Into A Design Build Project

HTML | Word

empty cell
Matthew Hardy 202-863-2982
QuickZone: A Work Zone Delay Estimation and Analysis Tool empty cell HTML | PPT
Michael Hardy Work Zone & Incident Management in Wisconsin   HTML | PPT
Brad Jones 800-372-7714
Ohio's Experience with a Full Closure Reconstruction empty cell HTML | PPT
Gerard Kennedy 902-563-2518
Highway 125 Night Work empty cell HTML | PPT
David Kent 518-457-0520
Innovative Contracting Techniques that Consider Driver Impact, Use of A+B Bidding HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Steve Kite 919-250-4159
Smart Zone Deployment on I-95 empty cell HTML | PPT
Michael P. Klatt 919-654-6831
ITS & Traffic Control empty cell HTML | PPT
Ken Kochevar 916-498-5853
Intrusion Devices -- New and Emerging Technology in Worker Safety HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Chad LaRue 502-564-3730
Full Freeway Closures HTML | Word HTML | PPT
John Leonard 801-965-4045
Mitigating Traffic Impacts on Utah's I-15 empty cell HTML | PPT
Jennifer Livingston 928-779-7591
Work Zone Operational Enhancements empty cell HTML | PPT
Innovative Practices on SR 68 Design-Build empty cell HTML | PPT
Tom Maze 651-644-4389

Iowa's Evaluation of the Wizard CB Alert System

Speed Reduction Strategies

Pat McCoy 402-472-5019
Dynamic Late Merge Control Concept for Work Zones on Rural Freeways HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Mike Neals 856-486-6613
New Jersey State Police Construction Unit empty cell HTML | PPT
Prahlad Pant Smart Work Zone Systems HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Jawad Paracha 410-787-5891
MD Quick Zone -- A Work Zone Traffic Analysis Tool empty cell HTML | PPT
Kevin Reynolds empty cell Work Zone Liability empty cell HTML | PPT
Rod Roberson 609-499-2017 FHWA Work Zone Safety Program empty cell HTML | PPT
George Ryan 309-671-3333
The Major Rehabilitation of the Eastbound McClugage Bridge HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Tom Ryan 314-340-4203
Innovative Project Development and Contracting Tools empty cell HTML | PPT
Wayne Sarasua 864-656-3318
Traffic Impacts of Short Term Interstate Work Zone Lane Closures: The South Carolina Experience empty cell HTML | PPT
Cliff Schexnayder 480-965-5133
Effective Noise Control During Nighttime Construction HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Tom Schnell 319-384-0811
On The Accuracy Of Commercially Available Macroscopic And Microscopic Traffic Simulation Tools For Prediction Of Workzone Traffic HTML | PDF empty cell
Stuart Thompson 800-822-8878
Determining Innovative Contracting Methods to Reduce User Costs empty cell HTML | PPT
Gerald Ullman 979-845-1728
Enforcement-Friendly Work Zones HTML | Word HTML | PPT
Gerald Ullman 979-845-1728
Designing for Speed, Congestion, and Delay in the Work Zone empty cell HTML | PPT
Davey Warren 202-366-4668
Variable Speed Limits empty cell HTML | PPT

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