Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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Text from 'Traffic Incident Management at the Big Dig' PowerPoint Presentation

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Kevin A. Duffy

CA/T Manager of Emergency Planning & Response


Kevin A Duffy-

CA/T Manager of Emergency Planning & Response

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Difficulty Keeping the Roadways Traversing Boston Open and Flowing at Pre Construction Levels Daily Use of Project Footprint Areas: 339,000(minimum)

Solution: Disseminate information quickly; simplify response, and execute with perfection

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Critical Elements of Success


Great emphasis on traffic planning and congestion prevention

All lane alterations are scripted, using a three phase sign off, involving Construction, Traffic Engineering, and state/local authorities

Every effort in planning yielded one less incident

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Strategic (continued)

Established Traffic Disruptions as part of Project- wide Emergency Response System

Guarantees that a quick, efficient method is continually in place to mitigate traffic difficulties

As part of the ERS, multiple resources are dedicated to a traffic disruption, minimizing the time and scope of a traffic disruption. These include a field engineer, and a traffic engineer, along with emergency services.

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Strategic (continued)

Including Traffic in the ERS Provided a Structure of Communication and Incident Management Control Among Non- Traffic Personnel. Field Staff Receive Instruction on Clearing Self- Created Disruptions. All Staff must Submit to Annual Refresher Training

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Strategic (continued)

Non project related disruptions were handled through the same assessment criteria and communications links to external agencies as would be used for injuries, utility disruptions etc.

Critical links were found by analyzing these non related events

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Application of measures to minimize disruption

Continually Functional Operations Center The CA/T Ops Center Operates 24/7 Due to Construction Demands. A Less Ambitious Construction Project Would Only Require a Center Operating Around That Specific Construction Schedule

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Video Monitoring
A picture is worth a thousand words
Sharing images with decision makers via intranet link

Rapid identification and classification of a traffic disruption
Occurring when a disruption is noticed by a construction engineer, operations monitor, or external notification
Classification to ensure standard response

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Primary notification is delivered to a single point of contact in the field, who will coordinate the response
One point of coordination is a traffic engineer

Immediate independent notification of a Traffic Engineer when a disruption is reported or identified
Notification is made by the operations center, ensuring the passage of information

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Exercise program with training and drills
All personnel will be ready for the real disruption

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