Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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Michele Ackles

Delaware Department of Transportation DelDOT

Work Zone Safety Conference

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The Context in Delaware

  • Small state with emphasis on personal relationships
  • Extensive state road system
    • 88% of roads are state-maintained
  • Population becoming more diverse

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Routes for DelDOT Communication

  • Ongoing, general DelDOT Outreach
  • Project-Specific Outreach
    • Pre-Construction
    • During Construction

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General DelDOT Outreach

  • Website
  • Email Subscription Notices
  • Print Construction Report
  • Events
  • DelDOT AM Radio Station
  • DelDOT 1-800 number

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DelDOT Web Site

  • Press Releases
  • Travel Advisories & Live Traffic Camera
  • Subscription Services
  • Announcements of Public Meetings & Workshops
  • Capital Transportation Program
  • Links to DART, RideShare, TMA
  • Links to Project Sites

Screen capture of DelDOT web site

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Live Traffic Cameras

Screen capture of DelDOT Live Traffic Cameras page

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Subscription Email Services

Screen capture of DelDOT Subscription Email Services page

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Print Construction Reports

  • Weekly traffic restriction information
  • Summer Construction Report

Screen capture of DelDOT Press Release page

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  • Transportation Festival, Home Show, Trade Shows
  • Meet people in a non-confrontational setting
  • General DelDOT information, job openings, project information

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DelDOT Radio WTCM — AM 1280

  • Daily real-time traffic information
  • Weekly construction information
  • Transit information
  • Public workshop announcements

Screen capture of Travelers Advisory Radio System

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And there’s more. . .

  • DelDOT 1-800 number
  • Work with MPOs
  • Public information brochures
  • Giveaways with website and radio station call numbers

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Project-Specific, Pre-Construction Outreach

  • Working Groups/Planning Advisory Groups
  • Public Workshops
  • Internet
  • Print Media
  • Legislative Briefings
  • "Branding"

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Working Groups/ Planning Advisory Groups

  • Range in size
  • Include neighborhood residents, public officials, other government entities, business groups, etc.
  • Help plan design & mitigation
  • Promote project to constituencies

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Public Workshops

  • Go where people are
  • Make it fun
  • Target the workshop to your audience

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  • Project Web Sites
  • "Virtual" Workshops

Screen capture of New Linden Road Project page

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Screen capture of New Linden Road Project page

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Screen capture of New Linden Road Project page

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Screen capture of New Linden Road Project page

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Print Media

  • Press Briefings
  • Press Releases
  • Newspaper ads
  • Survival Guides

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Legislative Briefings

  • Legislators under time pressure and often do not attend working group meetings
  • Important avenue for reaching constituents

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Unified graphic design throughout the project
Raises public awareness

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The I-95 "Creep"

Photos of the I-95 "Creep"

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Project-Specific Outreach During Construction

Continue Some Pre-Construction Activities:

  • Project Working Group
  • Project Web Sites
  • Press Releases

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Project-Specific Outreach During Construction

Add New Activities:

  • Project Flyers
  • Construction Working Group
  • Construction Update Meetings
  • Project 1-800 hotlines
  • Employer Outreach

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Construction Update Meetings

  • Meet with the public and the construction manager in the neighborhood
  • Allows residents and construction manager to know each other

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Project Hotlines

  • Provide taped information
  • Outlet for people to comment
  • I-95 hotline had 900 calls per month during peak

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Employer Outreach

  • Transportation Management Association reaches 70,000 employees via email
  • Coordinate transit with employer needs

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Closing Thoughts

Our publics are changing, so our methods must change.

Nothing substitutes for personal relationships.

Office of Operations