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Comprehensive Truck Size & Weight Limits Study Technical Reports

As part of the MAP-21 Comprehensive Truck Size & Weight Limits Study, FHWA has developed a series of Technical Reports that contain the technical analyses required by the Study. These Technical Reports cover the study areas of Bridge, Compliance, Modal Shift, Pavement and Safety. The Technical Reports compare the impacts of vehicles currently operating above Federal truck size and weight limits to those operating at or below these limits as well as assess various impacts of alternative truck configurations if they were allowed to operate above current federal size and weight regulations. Below are these Technical Reports.

Volume I

Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Study – Technical Summary Report. This document gives an overview of the legislation and the study project itself, provides background on the scenarios selected, explains the scope and general methodology used to obtain the results, and gives a summary of the findings.

  • Volume 1: Technical Summary Report [HTML, PDF 1.2MB]

Volume II

Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Study – Technical Reports. This volume comprises a set of the five comparative assessment documents that meet the technical requirements of the legislation.

  • Bridge Structure Comparative Analysis [HTML, PDF 10.6MB]
  • Compliance Comparative Analysis [HTML, PDF 3.7MB]
  • Highway Safety and Truck Crash Comparative Analysis [HTML, PDF 5.6MB]
  • Modal Shift Comparative Analysis [HTML, PDF 3.9MB]
  • Pavement Comparative Analysis [HTML, PDF 1.8MB]

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