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The intermodal freight transportation industry is an important part of the U.S. economy and is critical to sustained growth in the 21st Century. Yet, the U.S. freight industry faces many challenges resulting from market shifts, demographic changes, regulatory actions, and international events. The Office of Freight Management and Operations is working to identify industry trends and challenges and evaluate their consequences. The studies highlighted here provide insights into the freight transportation industry.

FHWA Studies

International Scans

  • European Scan
    • Summary Report [HTML, DOC 475KB ]
    • Executive Summary [HTML, DOC 41KB]
    • Scan on International Freight: The European Market [PPT 13MB]
  • United States/European Union Freight Partnership
    • Fourth Forum on Intermodal Freight Transport between Europe and the United States, Executive Summary [DOC 573KB]
    • Toward Improved Intermodal Freight Transport in Europe and the United States: Next Steps Report from the second ENO Transportation Foundation Policy Forum, November 18-20, 1998, Munich, Germany [PDF 1.6MB]
    • Toward Improved Intermodal Freight Transport Between Europe and the United States: Report of the Third EU-US Forum from the Eno Transportation Foundation Policy Forum, November 3-5, 1999, New York [PDF 3.4MB]
  • Freight Transportation: The European Market Report [HTML, PDF 3.35MB]
  • China Scan
  • Bringing Freight Lessons Home

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