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Truck Size and Weight

MAP-21 Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight Limits Study

The Study will evaluate and compare the differences between trucks loaded at or below current Federal truck size and weight limits to those operating in excess of those limits. Read more about the Study and the Project Milestones and Schedule at

Federal interest in preserving highways goes back to the enactment of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which authorized the Interstate and Defense Highway System. To preserve our Nation's infrastructure and to keep trucks and buses moving efficiently, states must ensure that commercial motor vehicles comply with federal size and weight standards. FHWA is responsible for certifying state compliance with Federal standards. This site provides a ready source of information on Federal standards and guidelines, state enforcement activities, reporting requirements, and contacts.

NEED INFORMATION ON OBTAINING AN OVERSIZE OR OVERWEIGHT LOAD MOVEMENT PERMIT? View Federal requirements and get a list of State permitting contacts.

For assistance with permitting questions in emergency situations, including Special Permits During Periods of National Emergencies, please contact John Berg at (608) 829-7508.

Federal Regulations

View federal regulations, notices, and rulemakings on size and weight.

Reports to Congress

Other Resources

States and FHWA Division Offices Contacts

Freight Management and Operations Staff Contacts

John Berg
Transportation Specialist, Truck Size and Weight Program

Tom Kearney
Truck Size and Weight Study

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