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Deployment of Best Practices

The Office of Freight Management & Operations provides information on best practices.

Electronic Freight Management (EFM)

The Electronic Freight Management (EFM) initiative is a USDOT-sponsored project that applies Web technologies that improve data and message transmissions between supply chain partners. It promotes and evaluates innovative e-business concepts, enabling process coordination and information sharing for supply chain freight partners through public-private collaboration. The CEFM (Columbus EFM) project was a successful 2007 deployment test which implemented web services and other components to support an existing international import truck-air-truck supply chain.

  • Columbus Electronic Freight Management Evaluation: Achieving Business Benefits With EFM Technologies [HTML, PDF 1.1MB] – This document summarizes the quantitative and qualitative benefits found during the Columbus EFM test.
  • Columbus Electronic Freight Management Evaluation Final Report [HTML, PDF 8.8MB] – This document provides the independent evaluation of the USDOT-sponsored Columbus Electronic Freight Management (CEFM) Operational Test, which occurred from late May 2007 until December 2007.
  • EFM Storyboard Webcast – June 23, 2005 [Recording 15.2MB, Closed Caption 81KB] – The recording file requires the WebEx plug-in and the Closed Caption file requires the Real Player.

Cross-Town Improvement Project (C-TIP)

The Cross-Town Improvement Project (C-TIP) was first conceived in the fall of 2004 and has since grown in both size and stature. The first iteration of the project consisted only of a high-level concept that incorporated an 'intermodal move database' for coordinating cross-town traffic to reduce empty moves between terminals, and loosely defined ideas for tracking intermodal assets and distributing information to truckers wirelessly. Through the application of the Intermodal Freight Technology Working Group's project vetting and preliminary benefit cost assessment methodology, the C-TIP project grew to incorporate Intermodal Move Exchange (IMEX), Chassis Utilization Tracing (CUT), Real-Time Traffic Monitoring (RTTM), Dynamic Route Guidance (DRG), and Wireless Drayage Updating (WDU).

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