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Concept of Operations for Virtual Weigh Station

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June 2009


Table of Contents


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Statement of Problem

1.2 Scope of This Document

1.3 Organization of This Document

2.0 Current Situation

2.1 Background

2.2 Overview of Fixed Roadside Enforcement Operations

2.3 Overview of Mobile Roadside Enforcement Operations

2.4 Overview of Existing Virtual Weigh Station Deployments

3.0 Motivation for Virtual Weigh Station

3.1 Roadside Enforcement Challenges

3.2 Stakeholder Needs

3.3 Assumptions and Constraints

3.4 Description of Desired Virtual Weigh Station Operations and Processes

4.0 Concept of Operations

4.1 Virtual Weigh Station Goals

4.2 Functions of Virtual Weigh Stations

4.3 Key Concepts

4.4 Operational Scenarios

Basic VWS Operational Scenario

Expanded VWS Operational Scenario

4.5 Architecture

4.6 Common Steps

4.7 Operational Policies

4.8 Impacts

5.0 Summary of Benefits and Costs

5.1 Benefits

5.2 Costs

5.3 Available Funding Sources

6.0 Conclusions

6.1 Summary of Improvements

6.2 Disadvantages and Limitations

6.3 Next Steps

Appendix – Acronyms

List of Figures

Figure 4.1 Basic Virtual Weigh Station Physical Layout

Figure 4.2 Expanded Virtual Weigh Station Physical Layout

Figure 4.3 Basic Virtual Weigh Station Concept of Operations

Figure 4.4 Expanded Virtual Weigh Station Concept of Operations

Figure 4.5 Basic Virtual Weigh Station Interfaces

Figure 4.6 Expanded Virtual Weigh Station Interfaces