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Traffic Signal Performance Measures

Traffic signal performance measures help to answer the following question. Are my traffic signal program's business practices, systems and technology and workforce activities resulting in the attainment of my organizations goals and objectives? To effectively answer this question a clear relationship must be established between organizational goals, context (e.g. network configuration, traffic demand, user mix, land use, organizational capability), and program objectives and strategies to support the selection of appropriate performance measures. To tell the complete story of how a traffic signal program is performing as set of measures that are output (e.g. number of preventative maintenance actions completed) and outcome (e.g. percent of arrivals on green, pedestrian delay) oriented are probably necessary. In many cases automating the process of collecting data and conducting analyzes to develop performance measures improves the capability of an organization to regularly assess progress towards objectives. Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs), included in the Every Day Counts 4 technology initiative, is defined as a suite of performance measures, data collection and data analysis tools to support objectives and performance based approaches to traffic signal operations, maintenance, management and design to improve the safety, mobility and efficiency of signalized intersections for all users. Below are links to publications, websites and resources related to Traffic Signal Performance Measures and the Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures Technology. Contact to learn more about resources such as workshops, training, technical assistance or peer-2-peer support to advance implementation of ATSPMs.


Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures


  • 133124 – Evaluating the Performance of Traffic Signal Systems (2-day, Instructor-Led)
    This course is aimed at helping agencies evaluate and prioritize their traffic signal system investment decisions and day-to-day operations in support of agency objectives. This course begins by exploring stakeholder objectives and resources; it then investigates what performance measures are and how to collect, manage, and use them.


State and Local Agency Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measurement Websites

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