Traffic Analysis Tools Program
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Traffic Analysis Tools

FHWA Leaflet on Work Zone Analysis

Brief, easy-to-read overview of Work Zone Analysis and how modeling and simulation can be used as part of the analysis. Includes three short examples.

The Traffic Analysis Tools Program was formulated by FHWA in an attempt to strike a balance between efforts to develop new, improved tools in support of traffic operations analysis and efforts to facilitate the deployment and use of existing tools. FHWA has established two tracks under the Traffic Analysis Tools Program: the deployment track and the development track.

Deployment Track

This track concentrates on the needs and concerns of the traffic analysis stakeholder community:



  • Training and Workshops - Provided through National Highway Institute for Highway Capacity Manual and CORSIM.

Development Track

Focuses on enhancing and developing models that are easier to use, more robust in their application, and more reliable in their results. Read more about the Models.

Through the FHWA Traffic Analysis Tools Program, our partners and customers will expand their use of analysis tools and innovative analysis approaches that consider a system-level approach and will enhance mobility. They will gain insight on recommended/best practices and lessons learned in operational analysis. They will gain a high level of confidence in utilizing the analysis tools for their local needs. The proactive role from FHWA, will enable analytical tools and decision-support systems to reach their full potential to support a viable transportation community in a manner sufficient to make a significant contribution to evolving traffic congestion and management problems.

Video Testimony: Traffic Analysis Tools Support Transportation Decisions

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Nathan Masek: Mid-Region Council of Governments, New Mexico - Subject: IDAS Video Testimonial
Nathan Masek
Mid-Region Council of Governments, New Mexico

Subject: IDAS

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Michael Medina and Jeff Shelton, El Paso District, TXDOT and Texas Transportation Institute - Subject: DynaSmart Video Testimonial
Michael Medina & Jeff Shelton
El Paso District, TXDOT & TTI

Subject: DynaSmart

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Brian Isaacson, Metro District, MNDOT - Subject: Simulation Video Testimonial
Brian Isaacson
Metro District, MNDOT

Subject: Modeling, Analysis and Decisions

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Jerry Leos, El Paso District, TXDOT - Subject: DynaSmart Video Testimonial
Jerry Leos
El Paso District, TXDOT

Subject: DynaSmart

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