Traffic Analysis Tools Program
Traffic traveling in both directions on a congested highway
21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies

Other Traffic Analysis Tools Resources

Federal Highway Administration Office of Research, Development, and Technology: Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (AMS) Program

  • Narrowing Freeway Lanes and Shoulders to Create Additional Travel Lanes (PDF)
  • Development of an Analysis/Modeling/Simulation (AMS) Framework for V2I and Connected/Automated Vehicle Environment (PDF)
  • Introduction of Cooperative Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Systems to Improve Speed Harmonization (PDF)
  • Developing Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation Tools for Connected and Automated Vehicle Applications (PDF):
    • A Case Study for I–66 in Virginia (PDF)
    • A Case Study on SR 99 in California (PDF)
    • Traffic Optimization for Signalized Corridors—Case Studies in Ann Arbor, MI, and Conroe, TX (PDF)
  • A Framework for Validating Traffic Simulation Models at the Vehicle Trajectory Level (PDF)
  • Proof of Concept for the Trajectory-Level Validation Framework for Traffic Simulation Models (PDF)

Traffic Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation Pooled Fund Study

  • Multiresolution Modeling for Traffic Analysis:
    • Guidebook (PDF)
    • State-of-Practice and Gap Analysis Report (PDF)
    • Case Studies Report (PDF)
  • Trajectory Investigation for Enhanced Calibration of Microsimulation Models (PDF)
  • Guidance on the Level of Effort Required to Conduct Traffic Analysis Using Microsimulation (PDF)

Other Useful Resources

  • Planning and Preliminary Engineering Applications Guide to the Highway Capacity Manual (PDF)
  • Analytical Travel Forecasting Approaches for Project-Level Planning and Design (PDF)