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Foundation of Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) workshop

Workshop Description

"Foundations of Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA)" is a FHWA-sponsored workshop providing participants with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of conducting traffic analyses using DTA techniques, knowledge on the appropriate use of DTA, and an understanding of both strengths and weaknesses inherent in DTA analyses.

DTA techniques, when applied correctly, can provide critical insight and quantitative impacts assessment for a variety of transportation system management strategies of interest in both planning and operational analyses, including:

  • Traveler information provision
  • Incident management
  • Congestion pricing
  • Adaptive signal and ramp control systems
  • Work zone traffic and demand management
  • Interstate access requests
  • Others

The objectives of the workshop include providing participants with:

  • A fundamental understanding of the Dynamic User Equilibrium (DUE) concept
  • Capability to determine whether a proposed DTA analysis is needed
  • Insight on how to design and execute successful DTA analyses
  • Proven methods to predict system delay and travel time reliability impacts
  • Ability to properly align applications of DTA with transportation decision-making

The workshop has a one-day format featuring lecture and interactive pen-and-paper class exercise elements. Hands-on computer exercises are NOT an element of the workshop. The workshop is intended to provide participants with the background to make informed decisions regarding the value and challenges of DTA analyses using a broad range of simulation tools. The workshop does not provide training on the application of a particular tool; nor does the workshop promote the use of any specific tool, FHWA-developed or otherwise.

Target Audience

The target audience for the workshop is transportation and community planners within M/TPOs and local, county and state organizations, transportation engineers, traffic analysts and consultants. No experience with DTA models or concepts is required. However, some prior exposure to or experience with the application of models in support of planning or operational analyses is recommended. A maximum of 40 participants is suggested for the workshop in order to conduct the workshop exercises, with a target optimal size between 16-28 participants. The workshop is not intended for 10 or fewer participants.