Arterial Management Program
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Regional Traffic Signal Operations Programs

Regional Traffic Signal Operations Programs (RTSOPs) are consortiums of State, regional and local agencies that work collaboratively to address the design, maintenance, management and operation of traffic signals across multiple jurisdictions. RTSOPs may be organized formally or informally and generally adopt an organizational structure and engage in activities that are relevant to the needs of the region to address mobility issues on arterial street networks. A typical activity of RTSOPs is planning for and providing funding or technical assistance to coordinate the operation of traffic signals on arterial roadways across jurisdictional boundaries.

RTSOPS provide for consistency in the management, operations and maintenance of multiple jurisdictions by leveraging regional expertise and facilitating regular forums to discuss technical issues and share good practices. Organizations involved in RTSOPs generally receive more funding for capital improvements and ongoing support for operations and maintenance activities aimed at achieving regional objectives. Organizations that work collaboratively to align their goals and objectives with regional planning objectives tend to compete more effectively for limited transportation dollars.

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