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Arranging a Peer Exchange

To Arrange a Peer Exchange

Contact us at any time to learn more about the P2P program services or to discuss a potential peer exchange.


Call Toll Free:
1-866-727-3492, select option 6

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Program uses three peer exchange formats.

When arranging a peer exchange, a P2P Program Coordinator will help you determine which format meets your needs.

For peer work sessions and peer roundtables, please fill out the Peer-to-Peer Exchange Application [HTML, PDF 110KB] and email or fax it to us so that we can get a better idea of your needs for the exchange.

Peer Work Sessions

The peer work sessions are designed for one or more technical expert(s) to work one-on-one with an agency to develop specific tools, products and skills or address particular challenges. These sessions may be conducted on-site at a location determined by the agency and/or Peer, or electronically via videoconferencing or web-based applications.

The P2P Program has limited funding for travel to peer work sessions. However, in many cases, no travel is necessary and telephonic, electronic or mail communications can be used to discuss and define issues, provide alternative approaches, and evaluate options.

Peer Roundtables/Workshops

Peer roundtables or workshops are discussion panels comprised of Peers convened to discuss specific issues regarding freight planning. They are used to promote and support innovative solutions to freight issues of local, regional or national interest. The discussion may include issues identification, noteworthy practices, and solution-based methods in key areas of freight planning and operations. The round tables facilitate information sharing and collaboration of research efforts. Topics for the roundtables are selected based on P2P and other freight customer needs, FHWA needs, collaborative efforts with Associations and coordination with other USDOT offices.

The P2P Program provides logistics support, information, and may provide facilitation assistance to these roundtables/workshops.

Freight Scans

Domestic freight scans are a useful way to gain insight into new and innovative solutions for increasing efficiency in freight movements and promoting global connectivity. Scans involve observing freight operations first hand, allowing for greater understanding of operations and the possibility of implementing successful solutions elsewhere.

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