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UPA/CRD Annual Report
Los Angeles ExpressLanes Projects

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Cover graphic shows a view of mountains in the background, the Los Angeles skyline in the middle ground, and several lanes of highway traffic in the foreground moving toward the convention area.
Los Angeles – Picture Courtesy of LAMTA


  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
  • California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
  • Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT)
  • Local Transit Agencies


The objective is to provide commuters, regardless of income level, with new and better travel options along I-110 and I-10. The project will improve mobility and provide congestion relief through the introduction of congestion pricing in the form of HOV to HOT conversion, improvement of transit service, improvements to transit facilities, and the implementation of an intelligent parking management system.

Los Angeles ExpressLanes Projects



  • HOT lanes – Convert the HOV facilities to HOT for I-10 from I-605 to Alameda St. and I-110 from Artesia Transit Center to Adams Blvd. Design Build Operate Maintain (DBOM) contract expected to be awarded December 2010. October 2012 turn on for I-110 and February 2013 for I-10.
  • Transit Service Improvements, Enhanced Silver Line BRT and New Feeder Services – 41 new CNG buses for service on I-10 and I-110 plus 18 additional buses deployed by local transit agencies for commuter service. Silver line service is operational but BRT revenue operations pushed back to December 2011 to reflect the projected opening of the I-110 in 2012. All municipal transit partners have placed the order for their buses.
  • Transit Service Improvements, Vanpools – Activities to support the formation of 100 new vanpools.
  • Transit Service Improvements, Transit Signal PriorityLADOT will install bus signal priority technology at 19 signals in downtown LA. Project schedule has been delayed by up to 8 months due to budget cuts. Projected start date for construction is early 2011 and completion is scheduled for August 2011.
  • Transit Facility Improvements, Park and Ride improvements – Enhanced signage, lighting, security, sound attenuation, and bus stop relocation at 8 Park and Ride lots along the Harbor Transitway. Includes 5 contracts; Artesia Law Enforcement substation NTP March 2010; Station Lighting and UPS NTP June 2010; Sound attenu-ation pilot test NTP October 2010; System wide CCTV SOW under development; Signing/way-finding SOW under development.
  • Transit Facility Improvements, Transit Centers, El Monte Transit Center – Construction of a new 30-bay bus terminal. Groundbreaking for the new El Monte Transit Center was held on September 22, 2010.
  • Transit Facility Improvements, Transit Centers, Pomona Metrolink Station Expansion – New pedestrian access, 143 new parking spaces, and extension of the platform to accommodate additional rail cars. May 2010, 143 new parking spaces opened. Temporary platform completed June 2010 and put into service October 2010.
  • Transit Facility Improvements, Transit Centers, Patsaouras Plaza Connector to the El Monte Busway – The existing passenger boarding/alighting areas will be relocated to allow direct pedestrian access to the Plaza and Union Station. Final PR/PSR submitted to Caltrans with approval expected sometime in November. Ongoing coordination with High Speed Rail project to reduce potential future design and construction conflicts.
  • Demand-Based Parking Pricing, ExpressParkLADOT will charge demand-based parking at 5,500 on-street metered parking spaces in downtown LA. Request for pro-posals from the City of Los Angeles on 11/3/2010. Bids due 12/17/2010.
  • Real-time information – Part of ExpressPark. Real-time parking information for 13,000 public on- and off-street parking spaces will be provided through various media including: websites, mobile phones, and on-street dynamic message signs.
Los Angeles CRD Project Scheduled Start of Operations
I-10 ExpressLanes (HOT lanes) 2/2013
I-110 ExpressLanes (HOT lanes) 10/2012
Expand Capacity of I-10 HOT Lanes 2/2013
Adams Boulevard Street Widening 10/2012
Transit Signal Prioritization 8/2011
New Buses for I-10 El Monte Busway Corridor Late 2011 – early 2012
New Buses for I-110 Harbor Transitway Corridor Late 2011 – early 2012
MetroLink Pomona Station Improvements 12/2010
El Monte Transit Center Expansion 5/2012
El Monte Busway/Union Station Connector 12/2012
City of L.A. Intelligent Parking Management Program (ExpressPark) 10/2011
Improved Artesia Transit Center Security 12/2010
I-110 Harbor Transitway Park & Ride Improvements 3/2011
New Downtown Transit Operating & Maintenance Facility 12/2012
Community-based Vanpool Formation 10/2011

Non-technical Support Activities

  • Marketing – Several public outreach events in June 2009 prior to the revenue forecast and establishment of tolls.
  • Legislative authority – Legislation providing tolling authority until January 2015 signed on 9/29/10.

Independent Evaluation

Express Lanes Map. A map shows Interstate Route 110 from the south heading into Los Angeles and Interstate Route 10 proceeding west to El Monte. Twelve projects are associated with the I-110 corridor, and eight are associated with the I-10 corridor. A new transit operating and maintenance facility is indicated for the downtown area.


Lessons Learned – It was recognized early that this project included more elements and challenges than was initially expected. Metro modified their management structure and added additional managers for components of the project. Metro also prepared an integrated master schedule with all project and potential critical path elements identified and is providing comprehensive monthly and quarterly reports with continuous risk analysis and project look-ahead.


Completion of transit signal priority construction and start of operations. Receive new CNG buses for new feeder routes. Complete enhancements to I-110 Harbor Transitway Park and Ride lots. Silver Line BRT begins revenue operations. ExpressPark goes into operation. Vanpool formation activities underway.

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