Active Transportation and Demand Management
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Graphic. ATDM cycle: Assess System Performance, Evaluate and Recommend Dynamic Actions, Implement Dynamic Actions, Monitor System, and repeat cycle.

Source – U.S. DOT

The Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) program is intended to support agencies and regions considering moving towards an active management approach. Through customized workshops, tools, guidance documents, resources, and peer exchanges, the program can assist with technical support to implement ATDM strategies. Importantly, ATDM is not an exclusive program restricted to specific agencies. Every agency that is considering moving towards active and dynamic capabilities can benefit from the ATDM program's efforts.

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Case Studies

  • Strengthening Linkages between Transportation Demand Management and Traffic Management (HTML, PDF 8.9MB) - This document presents real-world examples of how State and local traffic managers and demand management professionals can work together and coordinate implementation strategies to proactively manage mobility and reliability concerns under different contexts including: managing demand and traffic during weather events and natural disasters, linking TDM and traffic management as part of transit disruption, incorporating TDM as part of a major road reconstruction project and other high demand situations.
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