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Business Process Frameworks for Transportation Operations

Active Demand Management Capability Maturity Framework Tool

Welcome to the Active Demand Management Capability Maturity Framework (CMF) tool. This framework is intended for agencies or regions to assess current capabilities with respect to advancing the role of demand management practices as part of TSMO. When the current capabilities are determined, the tool provides a list of concrete actions for agencies to raise their capabilities to the desired levels.


Enabling travelers to make informed decisions along their entire trip requires proactive and regionally integrated approach to managing the system, linking different public and private agencies, functions, and roles. The trip chain represents the complete series of decisions made by a traveler throughout a trip from the choice of travel destination to the final choice of facility. Managing the entire trip chain broadly requires two functions:

  • Managing the overall travel demand on the system, addressing how and when people need to travel
  • Managing the resultant traffic on the system, addressing how they traverse the system efficiently

Traditionally, separate unconnected programs are responsible for these functions in a region. For example, a metropolitan area may have a transportation demand management (TDM) program, and several other agencies are responsible for traffic management. Connecting these programs provides the opportunity to actively manage demand both for recurring and non-recurring events.

This framework assesses the ability in a region to create strong linkages between entities involved in traffic and demand management to support stronger consideration of active demand management for TSMO.

Use this framework if:

  • If you are looking to establish relationships and protocols between the TDM program and Traffic Management professionals for day to day operations
  • Considering approaches to support travel and congestion mitigation plans during anticipated disruptions
  • Your agency is working on either TSMO Program Plans or TDM Plans

Who should be involved?

  • Traffic managers (TMC Staff, TSMO Coordinators)
  • TDM Program Managers and Staff
  • Transit Agencies
  • MPO and Regional operations collaboration entities


Select the link below to access the Active Demand Management CMF tool. Please use a Web-browser with local storage and JavaScript capabilities such as Internet Explorer 9 and later, Chrome v33 and later, or Firefox v30 and later.



For more information on the Active Demand Management CMF, please contact Jim Hunt at, (202) 680-2679.