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Weather-Savvy Roads

Under the FHWA Every Day Counts (EDC) program, we are promoting deployment of two Road Weather Management solutions: Pathfinder and Integrating Mobile Observations.  A host of materials to aid in deployment can be found here:

Other resources can be found on the Weather-Savvy Roads Toolkit here:

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What's New

2019 Road Weather Management Performance Measures Update

The FHWA has published the 2019 Road Weather Management Performance Measures Update. The FHWA Road Weather Management Program assesses its progress toward meeting programmatic objectives through established performance measures. Assessments have been completed and documented in 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2017, and this update is the next iteration of this periodic review.

Guidelines for Deploying CV-Enabled WRTM Strategies

The Road Weather Management Program and the ITS Joint Program Office published a document titled Guidelines for Deploying Connected Vehicle-Enabled Weather Responsive Traffic Management Strategies (PDF 5MB). The document provides useful information for transportation agencies on how they can incorporate road weather connected vehicle data for traffic management operations and decision-making.

Pikalert® Vehicle Data Translator

The Pikalert® Vehicle Data Translator (VDT) is software that leverages roadway and atmospheric data from traditional sources (Road Weather Information System (RWIS) stations, forecasts from the National Weather Service (NWS), radar, etc.) as well as from new data sourced from connected vehicles (CV) and fuses them in order to make inferences on weather and road conditions that can be used to support maintenance, operations, and travel decisions. Version 5.0 of the VDT system has been posted in the Open Source Application Development Portal (OSADP – and it is ready for use. Over the past year FHWA made a series of enhancements to the code so that pavement and atmospheric condition inferences made by the system are more accurate and the user interface is more user friendly. The documentation for the tool has been updated as well.

Road Weather Management Capability Maturity Framework (Workshop and Tool)
Transportation agencies can avail of a facilitated workshop and/or use the electronic tool on their own to conduct Road Weather Management Capability Maturity assessments. The Capability Maturity Framework workshop and electronic tool will evaluate the agency’s ability to effectively manage operations during adverse weather conditions. When the existing capability levels are determined, a list of concrete actions is created for agencies to raise their capabilities to the desired levels. To schedule a workshop, contact Roemer Alfelor at or 202-366-9242.

Benefit-Cost Analysis for Road Weather Management: Compendium and Briefs
The FHWA Road Weather Management Program published a Compendium and three Technical Briefs on Benefic Cost Analysis (BCA) for Road Weather Management (RWM). This compendium provides detailed guidance on benefit cost analysis for transportation operations with a focus on Road Weather Management Strategies, and presents seventeen case studies. The technical briefs (1, 2 and 3) summarize the application of BCA concepts and tools to RWM as well as the examples that are found in the compendium, including BCA for Road Weather Connected Vehicle Applications

Publications Now Available

Additional Listing of Road Weather Management Program Publications

The Road Weather Management Program seeks to better understand the safety and mobility impacts of weather on roadways, and promote strategies and tools to mitigate those impacts. More timely, accurate and relevant information about these weather-related impacts to the roads enables transportation managers and travelers to make more effective decisions.

Web-Based Course/Training

  • Road Weather Management Web-Based Courses - Road Weather Management Web-Based Courses - The courses provided by the Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE) is being transitioned to the National Highway Institute (NHI). When the transition is complete, new training information will be updated here.
  • NWS Web-Based Training - FHWA and the Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training have developed a web-based training course for road weather management staff to learn about National Weather Service products, forecasts and warnings.

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