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Title Talking Freight Seminar on March 20, 2013 - Case Study on Promoting Public and Private Sector Freight Collaboration
Date Posted 3/5/2013
Description In recent years many Departments of Transportation at all geographic levels have placed increased emphasis on addressing freight transportation, due to the general growth in freight movements across all modes and the desire to better understand how freight movements impact, both positively and negatively, the communities where those movements take place. In order to be done effectively, freight transportation planning efforts need to be coordinated among various government agencies at the federal, state, and regional levels and between public sector governments and private sector freight carriers and shippers. The Twin Cities Metropolitan Council, the MPO representing the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, has worked closely with the Minnesota DOT, the VOLPE Center (a division of the U.S. DOT's Research and Innovative Technology Administration), and private sector companies to address freight transportation needs in Minnesota's largest metropolitan area and can serve as a case study for freight collaboration efforts in other metropolitan areas around the U.S.

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