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Title Top issues trucking should track for 2017
Date Posted 1/17/2017
Description Dynamic pricing is coming to the world of freight through by using Application Program Interfaces (APIs) real-time data that can be exchanged between trading partners will enable motor carriers to achieve better lane balance, high equipment utilization rates, and higher load factors. Amazon's logistics plans are very notable with its own trailer fleet, Uber-like last mile delivery, development of its own air parcel hubs and dedicated aircraft, and plans to deliver packages by drones. Automation of manufacturing could actually speed up the effort of bringing more manufacturing back to North America which could have dramatic implications for transportation. The gap between available labor and available jobs is expected to widen and overhauling the U.S. education system may be the only way to help the situation. People are migrating more to the south, the southwest and the mountain state thanks to these states adopting more business-friendly tax and regulations rather compared to the remaining states that are losing population because of increased taxes and regulations. A "national freight strategy" is needed for the U.S. to do "more with less" to accelerate economic growth.

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