Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
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NHI Certificate of Accomplishment in Work Zone Safety

The National Highway Institute (NHI) Certificate of Accomplishment in Work Zone Safety can be obtained after completing four specific NHI work zone courses. These courses provide best practices to help practitioners design, operate, and maintain highway work zones that improve safety for workers and the driving public.

This page provides information about nationally available work zone training programs. For information about selected state-specific training programs, please visit the Training Examples page.

Smarter Work Zones Project Coordination Training
A variety of training resources are available, including webinars, in-person and web-based training, and presentations to assist agencies in developing and implementing smarter work zone innovations in the area of Project Coordination.

Smarter Work Zones Technology Application Training
A variety of training resources are available, including webinars, in-person and web-based training, and presentations to assist agencies in developing and implementing smarter work zone innovations in the area of Technology Applications.

Work Zone Training Compendium
FHWA-developed compendium of available work zone training and guides that includes information such as format, length, target audience, cost, and point of contact for each training opportunity. The Compendium is organized into nine categories: design, inspection, intelligent transportation systems, law enforcement, management, nighttime operations, short duration, traffic control, and worker safety.

Training Available From Work Zone Safety Grants Program
Information on available courses and materials that have been developed as part of the Work Zone Safety Grants program, which provides highway work zone safety training and develops guidelines to prevent and reduce work zone injuries and fatalities.

National Highway Institute Courses
Information about the availability of new work zone training courses as well as information on other NHI work zone related courses.

Developing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones
This course provides guidance for developing effective transportation management plans (TMPs) for road projects. Topics discussed in this course include the purpose and content of a TMP, roles and responsibilities, work zone impacts assessment, selecting TMP strategies, and TMP implementation. This course is designed for self-paced learning. The training is modular and consists of slides with voiceover narration for guided, independent learning. The course includes exercises to apply the concepts learned throughout the course. Please have the Participant Workbook readily accessible while taking this course. Several of the modules refer to the Workbook for exercises and other information. Upon completion of each module, close the file and then select the next module you wish to take from the links below.

Safe and Effective Use of Law Enforcement Personnel in Work Zones
FHWA-developed course that provides law enforcement agencies and personnel with practices and procedures to improve safety in work zones. The course covers the role of law enforcement officers in work zones; proper practices and procedures; the component parts of a typical work zone; and standards and guidelines related to temporary traffic control in work zones.

  • Course Materials - PowerPoint Training Modules, Instructor's Manual, Participant Guide, and a Pocket Guide. These materials can be modified as needed to enable agencies to provide the training in a classroom setting.
  • Web-Based Course (FHWA-NHI-133119) - Interactive, Web-based version of the course that is free and takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete. Registration is required.
  • Fact Sheet 13 – Work Zone Training: Examples of What Agencies Are Doing - Fact sheet that briefly describes the FHWA course, as well as law enforcement training provided by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Utility Work Zone Traffic Control Training
Developed by Wayne State University under the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant to address the challenges associated with utility work zone traffic control. Includes Guidelines, Presentations, an Instructor's Guide, Case Studies, and Temporary Traffic Control Plan Software.

"Making Work Zones Work Better" Workshops
Papers and presentations that were part of the Making Work Zones Work Better Workshops.

Local Technical Assistance Program/Centers
LTAP's mission is to foster a safe, efficient, environmentally sound transportation system by improving the skill and knowledge of local transportation providers through training, technical assistance and technology transfer.

Training Program for Night Road Work to Improve Safety and Operations
Four CD-ROMs containing the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) training program for night road work. The training program objectives are to review basic temporary traffic control (TTC) concepts and principles, to review the TTC development process, to introduce a procedure for assessing use of night work, and to develop skills for designing and managing nighttime TTC. The instructor for this training program must be familiar with NCHRP Reports 475 (PDF 462KB) and 476 (PDF 2MB), which form the basis of this training.

National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse
Includes a searchable training database and instructive presentations from past conferences.

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