Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program

VI. Course Material - Developing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones
Course Overview and Instructions

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Developing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones
Course Overview and Instructions

Photo collage of temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.

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This training course is titled, Developing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones. The course will assist you in understanding and developing effective and complete Transportation Management Plans, or TMPs. Topics discussed in this course include the content of a TMP, roles and responsibilities, work zone impacts assessment, selecting TMP strategies, and TMP implementation.

This course is designed for self-paced learning. The training is modular and consists of slides with voiceover narration for guided, independent learning. The course includes exercises to help you apply the concepts you learn throughout the course.

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Outline for This Course

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The course contains six modules, as well as the Course Overview and Instructions and Course Wrap-Up. Each module is separate, so all the modules do not have to be taken at once. The modules should be taken in numerical order because the material in each module builds on what is learned in the previous modules.

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Course Materials

The Participant Workbook contains:

  • Course Overview
  • Target Audience
  • Course Instructions
  • Overall Course Outcomes
  • Copies of Course Slides
  • Course Exercises

Cover of Training Course on Developing Transportation Management Plans for Work Zones Participant Workbook.

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There is a Participant Workbook for this course. The Workbook contains information on the course objectives, target audience, and intended outcomes, as well as instructions to guide you through the course materials. It also provides a copy of the slides for note taking purposes and future reference, and several exercises for you to complete at various points during the course.

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Course Instructions

  • Access the Participant Workbook
  • Self-paced speed or automated
  • Course does not need to be taken in one sitting
  • Course wrap-up at the end:
    • General exercise
    • Post-test
    • Feedback

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Before beginning Module 1, download a copy of the Participant Workbook and familiarize yourself with its content. The course will refer to the Workbook at various points, including for the course exercises.

The six modules in the course are set up to advance automatically or can be taken at self-paced speed, where you decide when to advance to the next slide. Click on the link for each module to start that module.

If you need to stop the training before completion, it is suggested that you at least complete the current module.

When you are done with all of the modules, please click on the link for course wrap-up. This includes a general exercise to use your new skills; a post-test to assess how well you understood the material; and a way to provide feedback on the course and your learning experience.

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