Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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Work Zone and Traffic Analysis

A horizontal orange sign displayed on side of road with the wording ROAD WORK AHEAD EXPECT DELAYS.
Analyzing and understanding the anticipated type, severity, and extent of work zone impacts associated with various project alternatives enables practitioners to include appropriate mitigation strategies during project programming, design, and in the development of effective transportation management plans (TMPs).

Analysis of the work zone may include consideration of items such as:

  • Mobility and safety impacts of the project at the project, corridor, and network levels.
  • The combined impacts of concurrent projects that are located near each other or on the alternate route for another project
  • Impacts on nearby intersections and interchanges, railroad crossings, and public transit and other junctions in the network.
  • Impacts on evacuation routes and affected public property.
  • Impacts on affected businesses and residences.