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Urban Goods Movement

The efficient flow of goods is critical to the economic well-being of the United States. As demand for freight transportation continues to rise at a disproportionate rate to freight system capacity, shippers and carriers must find new ways to navigate through urban areas and deliver goods on time and at low cost. Local land use and zoning requirements, as well as restrictions on delivery time and routes are impediments to urban goods movement. However many cities are coming up with innovative solutions to urban goods movement issues and are sharing these solutions through case studies and other available resources.

Freight Noteworthy Practices

  • Urban Freight Noteworthy Practices
    • Commercial Loading Zone Management Program: Washington, D.C. [HTML, PDF 293KB]
    • In-the-Field Safety Training for City Truck Drivers in London, England [HTML, PDF 373KB]
    • Regional Coordination for Truck Network Efficiency: New York, NY [HTML, PDF 359KB]
    • Truck Driver Training for Safe Urban Operations in San Francisco, CA [HTML, PDF 637KB]
    • Truck Side Guard Ordinance: Boston, MA [HTML, PDF 405KB]
    • Urban Freight Integration with Protected Bike Lanes | Chicago, IL [HTML, PDF 1.1MB]
    • Virtual Weigh Stations and Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Technology in Maryland and New York [HTML, PDF 311KB]

Freight Studies

  • FHWA Urban Freight Case Studies


  • Downtown Delivery Symposia [HTML, PDF 154 KB]
  • United States-European Commission Urban Freight Twinning Initiative: Compendium of Project Summaries [HTML, PDF 3.4 MB]
  • FHWA Freight and Land Use Handbook [HTML, PDF 2.4MB]
  • Interactions Between Transportation Capacity, Economic Systems, and Land Use
  • Downtown/Regional Freight Delivery Symposium - Executive Summary | Baltimore, MD (HTML, PDF 2.5MB)
  • United States - European Commission Urban Freight Twinning Initiative: Compendium of Project Summaries, Volume II: Overview of 2018-2019 International Urban Freight Roundtables [HTML, PDF 5.0MB]

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