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About Us

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The Office of Freight Management and Operations promotes efficient, seamless, and secure freight flows on the U.S. transportation system and across our borders. The smooth and secure flow of freight is important to our nation's economy and to our global connectivity. To advance this mission, the Office:

  • Conducts research
  • Develops analytical tools and data
  • Assists transportation and planning professionals in developing the knowledge and skills needed to do their jobs effectively
  • Provides guidance, reviews state applications for funding, and provides funding for projects of National and Regional significance, National Corridor Infrastructure Improvement, Freight Intermodal Distribution Pilot, and Truck Parking Facilities Program
  • Conducts operational tests of intelligent transportation system technologies and promotes the development of standards for freight information exchange
  • Certifies state compliance with Federal truck size and weight standards and provides information on state enforcement activities, reporting requirements, and contacts.

Together, these activities build a greater understanding of freight transportation issues and trends, foster public/private partnerships, improve operations through advanced technologies, and educate and train freight transportation professionals.


Established in 1999, the Office of Freight Management and Operations is part of the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Operations. The Office of Operations advocates a 21st century transportation system operating culture using 21st century technologies to improve the performance of the transportation system to meet customer needs.

Office of Operations