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Phone Numbers for Freight Information and Services

By Team

Office of the Director
Staff Phone Number
Caitlin Hughes, Director 202-493-0457
Ambryn Radovich, Staff Assistant 202-366-0408

Research and Regulatory
Staff Phone Number
Vacant, Team Leader Empty Cell
John Berg 202-740-4602
Chandra Bondzie 202-366-9083
Birat Pandey 202-366-2842
Jeff Purdy 202-366-6993

Program Delivery
Staff Phone Number
Tamiko Burnell, Team Leader 202-366-1200
Phillip Bello 202-366-0857
Ben Fischer 518-431-8863
Tiffany Julien 202-366-9241
Chip Millard 202-366-4415
Alison Rogers 202-366-2639
Brandon Wilcox 202-366-2317

By Topic

Topic Team Member Phone Number
Border Operations and Technology Tiffany Julien 202-366-9241
BUILD–TIGER Discretionary Grants Alison Rogers
Tamiko Burnell
Communications Chip Millard 202-366-4415
Condition and Performance Report, Freight Chandra Bondzie 202-366-9083
Critical Rural Urban Freight Corridor Chandra Bondzie
Tamiko Burnell
Economic Studies Birat Pandey 202-366-2842
Electronic Toll Collection (Technology) Jeff Purdy 202-366-6993
Freight Analysis Framework Birat Pandey 202-366-2842
Freight Corridors Tamiko Burnell
Tiffany Julien
Freight Council Chip Millard
Nick Renna
Freight Data and Analysis Tools Birat Pandey
Chandra Bondzie
Freight Data Standards Birat Pandey 202-366-2842
Freight Economics Birat Pandey 202-366-2842
Freight Gateways and Borders Tiffany Julien 202-366-9241
Freight Industry Studies Chandra Bondzie 202-366-9083
Freight Operations and Technology Jeff Purdy 202-366-6993
Freight Peer-to-Peer Program Tamiko Burnell 202-366-1200
Freight Performance Measures Jeff Purdy 202-366-6993
Freight Planning Tiffany Julien 202-366-9241
Freight Policy/Legislation Tamiko Burnell 202-366-1200
Freight Professional Development Tamiko Burnell
Chip Millard
Institution Building Tamiko Burnell 202-366-1200
ITS Freight Operational Tests Jeff Purdy 202-366-6993
ITS Border Architecture Tiffany Julien 202-366-9241
Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Grants program Tamiko Burnell 202-366-1200
NHS Intermodal Connectors Tiffany Julien 202-366-9241
Projects of National and Regional Significance Tamiko Burnell 202-366-1200
Research Management Birat Pandey 202-366-2842
Talking Freight Seminars Chip Millard 202-366-4415
Training/Technical Assistance Tamiko Burnell
Chip Millard
Vehicle Size and Weight (Regulatory and state certifications) John Berg 202-740-4602
Office of Operations