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Technical Assistance

technical assistance

The Office of Freight Management and Operations provides State DOTs, MPOs, and local agencies with technical assistance on a broad range of freight related topics, through a variety of formats.

Freight Planning LISTSERV

The Freight Planning LISTSERV provides a venue for exchanging information about freight planning among public and private sector professionals. There are over 800 subscribers, comprised of transportation professionals from State DOTs, MPOs, professional associations, businesses, the academic community, and others.

Freight Planning Technical Assistance

The FHWA Resource Center offers freight planning technical assistance to States and MPOs on a range of topics, including creating freight advisory committees, initiating a freight study, forecasting freight traffic, and identifying key data sources. For more information, contact:

State-Level Freight Coordinator Position Description

With the growth in freight volumes and associated needs and requirements across the country, many State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are hiring professionals to serve as freight specialists and coordinators within their respective organizations. Some State DOTs have also created distinct freight offices or taskforces to deal with current and projected freight demand. Recognizing this, FHWA reviewed existing position descriptions and incorporated the information from the AASHTO/FHWA Partnership Meeting in Columbus, Ohio into a "freight coordinator" position description that States and MPOs can use in its entirety or in part when filling freight positions.

  • Position Description [HTML, DOC 59KB]

Talking Freight Seminar Series

These monthly FHWA-sponsored net-conference seminars provide a convenient and no-cost way for transportation practitioners to learn about the latest trends, tools, and noteworthy practices in freight transportation. Seminars are held via a combination of the web and telephone. A one-time, easily downloadable plug-in is required for first-time users, and is available at time of registration.

Freight Peer-to-Peer Program

The Peer-to-Peer Program (P2P) puts public sector freight transportation professionals in touch with experts in the field and provides technical assistance in order to enhance overall freight skills and knowledge. The program is available to public entities, including State departments of transportation (DOTs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).

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