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Congestion Reduction Demonstration Archived

The Congestion Reduction Demonstration (CRD) program was initiated as a follow on to the Urban Partnership Program, but also as separate and distinct from that program. Two sites were selected to advance projects under this program: Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. The addition of the two CRD projects along with the four Urban Partnership cities of San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, brought the total to six major metropolitan areas where the Department supported aggressive congestion relief programs. , Both the Los Angeles and Atlanta projects have been fully deployed. The evaluation Team is currently analyzing the data collected for one year after the projects were deployed.

Congestion Reduction Demonstration Cities



The evaluation of the UPA/CRD national evaluation is sponsored by the U.S. DOT. The Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (ITS JPO) is responsible for the overall conduct of the national evaluation. Representatives from the modal agencies are actively involved in the national evaluation. The Battelle team was selected by the U.S. DOT to conduct the national evaluation through a competitive procurement process.

The purpose of the national evaluation is to assess the impacts of the UPA/CRD projects in a comprehensive and systematic manner across all sites. The national evaluation will generate information and produce technology transfer materials to support deployment of the strategies in other metropolitan areas. The national evaluation will also generate findings for use in future federal policy and program development related to mobility, congestion, and facility pricing. The Battelle team developed a National Evaluation Framework (NEF) to provide a foundation for evaluation of the UPA/CRD sites. The NEF is based on the 4Ts congestion reduction strategies and the questions that the U.S. DOT seeks to answer through the evaluation.

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