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About Congestion Pricing

State and local transportation agencies are faced with managing traffic congestion, which continues to grow in most metropolitan areas, without the funding, rights-of-way, or political support to widen freeway facilities. The FHWA recognizes the importance of providing assistance to these agencies in order to further their understanding of what congestion pricing is and how it can be a viable strategy for managing congestion, in lieu of major capacity expansion.

Congestion Pricing, both for tolling and non-tolling types of projects, is getting more visibility, attention, and consideration in local plans and programs as a result of FHWA efforts to make State, regional, and local agencies aware of congestion pricing strategies.  The FHWA Office of Operations has sponsored several outreach activities toward that end including:

  • Webinar Series: Overcoming the Challenges of Congestion Pricing
  • Congestion Pricing Primer Series
  • Workshop Series: The Role of Congestion Pricing in Supporting Funding and Regional Goals: Integrating Pricing in Metropolitan Transportation Plans

The following pages are meant to provide more information about:

The Strategies section of this web site describes more about the various congestion pricing strategies, and the Federal Programs section describes the various tolling programs available to help agencies implement congestion pricing strategies.

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