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Freight Analysis Framework

The Freight Analysis Framework (FAF), produced through a partnership between Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), integrates data from a variety of sources to create a comprehensive picture of freight movement among states and major metropolitan areas by all modes of transportation. Starting with data from the 2017 Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) and international trade data from the Census Bureau, FAF version 5 (FAF5) incorporates data from agriculture, extraction, utility, construction, service, and other sectors.

The FAF5 provides estimates for tonnage and value by regions of origin and destination, commodity type, and mode for base year 2017 and a 30- year forecasts. FAF5 forecasts provide a range of future freight demands at five-year increments representing three different economic growth scenarios, through 2050, by various modes of transportation.

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