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Regional ITS Architecture Guidance Document

Table of Contents

List of Tables

Table 1:  Candidate Stakeholders
Table 2:  Franklin, TN TOC Stakeholders
Table 3:  Regional ITS Architecture Champions
Table 4:  Vermont Statewide ITS Architecture Roles and Responsibilities
Table 5:  Roles and Responsibilities Output from Turbo Architecture
Table 6:  Minnesota Statewide Architecture Metro TMC Interconnects
Table 7: Minnesota Statewide Architecture Information Flows (Draft)
Table 8:  Eugene-Springfield ITS Plan Proposed Projects (excerpts)
Table 9:  SJTPO (MPO) Project Definition and Sequencing (excerpt)
Table 10:  Chittenden County MPO Recommended ITS Projects
Table 11:  Chittenden County MPO ITS Project Description
Table 12:  Types of Agreements
Table 13:  Southeast Nebraska Regional ITS Architecture Agreements
Table 14:  Franklin TOC Relevant Standards Excerpt
Table 15: DMS Project Functional Requirements (Partial List)
Table 16: DMS Project ITS Standards
Table 17.  Examples of Configuration Items to Consider
Table 18:  National ITS Architecture Databases
Table 19: Sample Change Request Form
Table 20.  Sample Change Log Entry


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