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NEW YORK: Parking Pricing in New York City

New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) will implement a variable parking pricing pilot program called "Peak Rate Parking" in a diverse set of locations throughout New York City over the next three years. The program will price both noncommercial and commercial vehicles with complementary mitigation measures that ensure equity and mobility for all users and modes. The project will seek to make the best use of the curb space for the overall efficient functioning of the street for all users. Two strategies will be utilized to secure public support and understanding of pricing policies. A proactive public outreach and stakeholder campaign will be implemented and a package of pricing policies with companion mitigation measures that address the transportation needs of the congested commercial corridors will be implemented where pricing is imposed.

Project Completed


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David Stein
Deputy Director, Parking Planning and Policy
Phone: (212) 839-3181

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