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DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Multi-modal Dynamic Parking Pricing in Downtown Washington, DC

This project is using the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area as a laboratory to test state-of-the-art and cost-effective parking management strategies using a mix of technologies and data analytics. Lessons learned from the pilot will help shape eventual deployment throughout the District. The pilot project intends to increase on-street parking availability using various pricing strategies and reduce the amount of time drivers spend searching for a parking space. Parking availability information will be provided to customers in real-time. The parking management strategies will also be applied to delivery vehicles and inter-city buses in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter.

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April – June 2018 Update

Since inception, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has changed on-street parking configurations from un-demarcated to demarcated, tested various occupancy sensing technologies, developed algorithm for pricing strategies and adjusted pricing and time limits based on demand. DDOT has also developed apps that show real-time parking availability. DDOT has gone through five price adjustments and assessed the impact of these changes on curbside usage. The latest price adjustments includes a range from $1.00 to $5.50 and 4 different time bands (morning, mid-day, evening and Saturday). DDOT is finalizing the evaluation of the pilot. The impacts of the pilot are being assessed at three different levels – curbside usage, roadway operations and system wide economic impacts. The project involved a robust public outreach and education campaign. The International Parking Institute recognized the project for developing cost-effective, sustainable, multimodal value pricing strategies.

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