Traffic Incident Management
Various traffic incident management scenes - heavy traffic after accident, traffic planning, police car blocking road, overturned car on bridge, detour, rescue workers.
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2022 Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) Campaign Toolkit

Updates to the CRSW Campaign Toolkit for year 2023 will be made available in August 2023.

The theme for the 2022 CRSW was "Respect Our Roadside Heroes." In advance of CRSW, organizations help promote this week by publishing a CRSW article in their organization’s print or electronic newsletter (customizable CRSW article), recording a video message from their organization’s leadership commemorating CRSW (customizable video script), distributing the CRSW2022 flyer, and creating a social media plan for CRSW.

Help to increase this important week’s key messages by using the CRSW Daily Calendar to align your promotion, press outreach, and social media engagement with hundreds of other organizations. In year 2022, organization used #RoadsideHeroes when posting on social media. FHWA will promote CRSW events using its official Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram platforms.

CRSW 2022 Daily Calendar

Please click on the theme for each day to access sample social media postings and optional supporting resources. Updates to the CRSW Daily Calendar for year 2023 will be made available in August 2023.

Day of Week Messaging Focus
Monday, November 14 Respect Our Roadside Heroes
Tuesday, November 15 Responder Training
Wednesday, November 16

Slow Down, Move Over

Thursday, November 17

More than a Crash
Friday, November 18 Driver Education