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Various traffic incident management scenes - heavy traffic after accident, traffic planning, police car blocking road, overturned car on bridge, detour, rescue workers.
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Crash Responder Safety Week (CRSW) 2023—Tuesday, November 14, Theme: Driver Education

Activities for Tuesday, November 14, Theme: Driver Education
For Organizations
  • Bring attention to teaching adherence to Move Over laws through driver education, schools, and other venues

Social Media Message Example:

  • Does your driver safety education cover your State’s Move Over laws? Teach your students that when they approach stationary responder vehicles, they should reduce speed and, if possible, change lanes to keep our roadside heroes safe. #CRSW
  • Parents, teach your children about “Slow Down and Move Over” practices when they drive near a traffic incident. Reduce speed and, if possible, change lanes to keep drivers, passengers, and roadside workers safe. #CRSW
For Responders
  • Share via social media how you help establish good driving habits for children in your family and the broader community.

Social Media Message Example:

  • I teach by example. When I drive, I buckle up, put my phone away, and slow down and move over for all traffic incident responders. Please do the same to keep me and other road users safe. #CRSW

Reference Resources:

  • Public Education Resources—This site, hosted by the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, offers video public safety announcements for Move Over laws and distracted driving.
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Resources—This “End Distracted Driving” site is a campaign of the Casey Feldman Foundation and includes downloads,videos, and handouts to focus on distracted driving.
  • Move Over Campaign Materials (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)—The Traffic Safety Marketing USDOT site includes a Q&A on Move Over laws.