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MINNESOTA: HOT Lanes on I-394 in Minneapolis

Minnesota implemented I-394 MnPASS, which converted the existing high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane into the state's first high occupancy toll (HOT) lane. The lanes, which are dynamically priced, remain free to HOVs and motorcyclists during peak hours, and are free to all users in off-peak periods. The first phase of the project opened in May 2005.

The I-394 MnPASS project was the culmination of years of research and planning aimed toward the implementation of a value pricing demonstration project in Minnesota. Guiding this process was the I-394 Community Task Force, made up of local elected officials, citizens and community leaders. A comprehensive evaluation plan was implemented to thoroughly understand conditions and public attitudes before and during project operations.

Project Status

Open to Traffic

April – June 2018 Update

Operational and performance data on I-394 MnPASS for the second quarter of calendar year 2018:

Total Tolled Trips for the quarter:  390,564 or an average of about 32,547 toll trips per week

Total Gross Revenue for the quarter:  $535,151 or about $44,596 per week

Toll per trip (avg.): $1.37

For More Information Contact

Kenneth R. Buckeye
Program Manager Value Pricing
Phone: (651) 366-3737

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