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San Francisco Bay-Area Urban Partnership Agreement

The San Francisco UPA partners are the San Francisco County Transportation Agency (SFCTA), The San Francisco Transportation Authority (SFMTA), and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). Other Bay Area partners identified in the agreement with U.S. DOT include Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, Bay Area Toll Authority, Caltrans, and Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation Authority.

The San Francisco UPA projects include the following:

  • Variable Parking Pricing in San Francisco. SFpark is the name given to the parking pricing system for on-street and off-street parking that was implemented by SFMTA in the City of San Francisco as illustrated in Figure ES-1. SFMTA disseminates information on parking availability and price on dynamic message signs, the SFMTA Web site and through text messaging.
  • 511 Upgrades. The 511 phone and web site in San Francisco Bay Area, operated by MTC, was enhanced to provide parking space availability and pricing information for municipal parking garages in downtown San Francisco on 511 phone and web, MY 511 and in the 511 traffic internet service provider feed.
  • TransLink® Parking Payment. The smartcard electronic payment system was expanded to include parking payment in SFMTA-operated garages.
  • Expansion of San Francisco Telecommuting and Alternate Commute Programs. This effort by SFCTA supports the SFpark and 511 enhancements through additional outreach and possible co-location of a bike-sharing station at SFMTA garages.
  • SFCTA area-wide/HOT network pricing. SFCTA received UPA funds to further advance work conducted under the Area-Wide Value Pricing project and work with Bay Area agencies to coordinate informational initiatives that support HOV to HOT implementation in the region.
  • Improvements to regional ferry service. The Golden Gate Bridge and Highway Transportation District received UPA funds to improve regional ferry boat service.
  • Improvements to travel forecasting in Oakland. AC Transit received funds to develop a "simplified travel forecasting approach" for a Very Small Starts project in Grand/MacArthur BRT corridor in Oakland.
  • VII1 test bed. MTC will create an open architecture vehicle infrastructure integration test bed in support of a HOT lane tolling application.
  • Additional 511 Upgrades. Additional 511 enhancements receiving UPA funds that are not part of the national evaluation include a multimodal trip planner and real-time transit information.

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