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Photo collage of 511 advertisements from Iowa, Minnesota, Florida, Montana and Virginia, and a photo of a man talking on a cellular telephone.
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Related Activities

There are a number of significant activities that support 511 implementation. These include model deployments that allowed the testing in real-world situations of various technologies and techniques, as well as development of real-time system management information programs in each State that will facilitate exchanging information among systems using data exchange formats.

Below is an overview of these activities. You can access more information on each area by clicking on the appropriate link.

511 Model Deployment: The FHWA & FTA selected Arizona as the site for a 511 Model Deployment through a competitive process in 2002. The Model Deployment demonstrated the potential of 511 services to bring together data from various sources and provide useful information to travelers through a state-of-the-art telephone interface.

Real-Time System Management Information Program: The Real-Time System Management Information Program is to provide the capability to monitor in real-time the traffic and travel conditions of the major highways across the U.S. and provide a means of sharing these data with state and local governments and with the traveling public.

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