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Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) - Put Work Zones on the Map Outreach Toolkit

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Put Work Zones on the Map is an effort to educate and engage current and potential partners on the capabilities, benefits and progress of WZDx. The campaign focuses on audiences who directly engage with work zones: infrastructure owner operators (IOOs), construction companies, mapping companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With this toolkit, partners can help distribute educational materials, raise awareness for pilot projects, increase involvement in the Work Zone Data Working Group, and generate excitement for WZDx — to ultimately encourage and facilitate adoption of the WZDx Specification.

If you are interested in supporting the Put Work Zones on the Map campaign, this toolkit is available to your organization to highlight your involvement in WZDx and educate fellow members of the transportation industry on this exciting next step in work zone safety. Please check back periodically for new and updated materials. Thank you for your support.

Outreach Tools

WZDx Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is an internal reference document that contains the most important messages and information about WZDx in a single, simple structure. Feel free to use these messages, as appropriate, for any materials or content you develop for your own organization (speeches, news releases, websites, social media, etc.).

Social Media Materials

Stay connected to your audiences in the social media space and let them know how you are involved in WZDx. These materials provide written content and graphics for social media, adaptable for whatever platforms your organization values.


This series of in-depth, recorded webinars is an excellent resource to educate people in your organization — or others to whom the material is relevant — about WZDx. Whether the desire is to learn more about what WZDx is, how it can be used and implemented, or the ins-and-outs of the technical aspects of the specification, the webinars listed below will provide the information you are looking for.


For more information, please contact:

Martha C. Kapitanov (Put Work Zones on the Map Campaign)
Transportation Specialist, Work Zone Management Team
Federal Highway Administration – Office of Operations
202-695-0736 |

Todd Peterson (WZDx Grants)
Transportation Specialist, Work Zone Management Team
Federal Highway Administration – Office of Operations
202-366-1988 |