Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program
Photo collage: temporary lane closure, road marking installation, cone with mounted warning light, and drum separated work zones.
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Work Zone Speed Management

There are a variety of methods and technologies that can be used to help manage and enforce speed limits in work zones, including the use of law enforcement officers, automated enforcement, speed advisory systems, and variable speed limit (VSL) systems.

Automated Enforcement

Law Enforcement

  • Traffic Enforcement Strategies for Work Zones - NCHRP report 746 and research document (PDF 1.8MB) presenting guidance and background research on the safe and effective deployment of traffic enforcement strategies in work zones on high-speed highways. The guide covers planning, design, and operation for the strategies, and administrative issues.
  • Safe and Effective Use of Law Enforcement Personnel in Work Zones - FHWA-developed course that provides law enforcement agencies and personnel with practices and procedures to improve safety in work zones. The course covers the role of law enforcement officers in work zones; proper practices and procedures; the parts of a typical work zone; and standards and guidelines related to temporary traffic control in work zones.
    • Course Materials - PowerPoint Training Modules, Instructor's Manual, Participant Guide, and a Pocket Guide. These materials can be modified as needed to enable agencies to provide the training in a classroom setting.
    • Web-Based Course (FHWA-NHI-133119) - Interactive, Web-based version of the course that is free and takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete. Registration is required.
    • Fact Sheet 13 – Work Zone Training: Examples of What Agencies Are Doing - Fact sheet that briefly describes the FHWA course, as well as law enforcement training provided by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.
  • Study on The Use of Uniformed Police Officers on Federal-Aid Highway Construction Projects - Documents the opinions and understandings of study participants regarding the extent and effectiveness of uniformed police officers on Federal-aid highway construction projects.

Speed Advisory Systems

Variable Speed Limit Systems

Other Work Zone Speed Management Resources

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